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  You may want to start with these examples, then try your own. You can also get some ideas by looking at the fascinating word clouds for each candidate.

One-Word Examples

Click on a word to see the charts:

Some of the terms that McCain mentions more often than Obama: freedom, values, peace, democracy, human, international, security, leader.

Some of the terms that Obama mentions more often than McCain: hope, change, together, college, politics, moment, time, washington, war.

The word "yes" is not common in formal speeches. The large spike visible in Obama's chart is from the 1/08/08 speech given on the night of the New Hampshire primaries, which included the refrain "Yes We Can".

McCain uses the word "bush" less than Obama. The large spike visible in McCain's chart actually refers to Laura Bush in a 9/21/06 speech where he presented her the IRI Freeedom Award.

Obama mentions the word "wife" more often than McCain.

Two-Word Examples

Click on a word pair to see the charts:

obama, mccain - Obama referred to Mccain heavily throuhgout the primary season. Mccain began referring to Obama heavily only once it became clearer that Obama would be the presumptive nominee.

obama, clinton - As the primary season progressed, McCain referred to Obama more than to Clinton. Obama referred to Clinton more heavily in the primary season.

black, white - Obama mentions these terms more often than McCain. The large spike corresponds to Obama's 3/18/08 "A More Perfect Union" speech which focused on the issue of race.

hope, change - Although he used to mention "hope" more than "change", Obama now mentions "change" more than "hope".

good, evil - Both candidates mention good more than evil.